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So how did we do so far? We typically ranged from 30% to 600% profit in a few weeks. Here's public feedback saying just that. We also have a private internal spreadsheet of all of our trades. You're welcome to ask for it.


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Internal Performance Review & Audit

How well do we do?

Watch the videos on this page. We typically deliver 30-600% returns for our clients in a few days or weeks. When there's a bullish spell, we put trading on pause. We deliver zero losses and zero profits during downturns. So our average winnings are very high. We also have a full spreadsheet of internal data you're welcome to request. After security clearance, we are happy to send it to you.


620% Profit in 3 Days

From a Client

This Client Made 21 BTC in 2 Weeks

This kind of volume requires precise timing and intense analysis. If you buy too much, you can't sell it all. If you buy too fast, stakeholders will dump on you. This is challenging to accomplish, even for us.