Apply for 24h Bitcoin Fund Management

Crypto never sleeps. But you should. Hire to trade for you 24/7.

So, How Do I Sign Up?


To become a client, first send your initial management payment. The amount you pay depends on the size of your holdings. The fees are below.

Amount of Your Account

Initial Fees Due

If you have 10-15 BTC, SEND14.888%
If you have 15-30 BTC, SEND12.888%
If you have 30-50 BTC, SEND9.888%
if you have 50-80 BTC, SEND7.888%
if you have 80 BTC +, SEND 5.888%

To this Bitcoin address



Copy your withdrawal TXID or transaction ID and paste it into the form below.

Your TXID is basically your reciept number. It's automatically generated by your wallet or exchange after you do a withdrawal.


Paste your TXID (transaction ID) into this form below...

Got questions?

Let's talk: Contact a bitcoin fund manager.