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We Find Highest ROI Potential Blockchain Projects Long Before ICO

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We Grow Your Profits in 3 Ways

We have three different services that we use to grow your profits. We find blockchain projects about a year before they ICO and invest in them via our VC fund. We do trading for you 24h a day so you can sleep at night. We offer consulting to tell you exactly what we bought and sold and why. Here's a general video overview below.

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Internal Sneak Peak

This Is Our Internal Trading Desk

Let's get you an internal sneak peek into Bitcoin Fund Manager's control interface. Our business model is built on 3 levels. First, we have the public. Our social media followers are crucial to the success of our investments. If we find a technologically outstanding ICO or non ICO cryptocurrency but nobody knows about it, the coin will die--with our investments inside it. So we work hard drive good people to good coins--the ones we love. Secondly, we have our DIY groups. They are high net worth individuals and professional hedgefund managers who can afford our $10,000 month subscription cost. They drive even more buying power to the coins we love. They trade on our signal. We tell them what we sold and what we bought as soon as we do.

Finally, we have you. At the top of our ecosystem, we have institutions and high net worth individuals who have entrusted over 20 BTC to us. You actually get the highest returns on investment because we can trade for you instantly upon a catalyst or turn of events. The video below shows you what kinds of results you can get occassionally if not frequently. (more)