Finding Blockchain Projects Long Before ICO and 24h Trading Services

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Two Options: 24h Trading Services & Venture Capital Fund for Startups

I want 24h DIY Bitcoin Signals | I want High Volume OTC Bitcoin

We use two methods to grow your fund. First, we do trading for you on public exchanges like Bittrex, Binance,, Huobi, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitfinex, more. Second, we offer our clients the chance to buy into brand new blockchain projects before they launch their ICO.


This method returns the highest profits. Successful cases like AirBnB easily return 10000x.

Good coin projects normally get 300% more than ICO price when they launch on an exchange. But if you buy into a cryptocurrency altcoin project before the ICO, you can normally get 500% more when it launches. That's called the presale. But if you get into a project before the presale at the Series C, it's even cheaper. Series B is even cheaper than series C. Series A is even cheaper than Series B. And the seed funding round is the cheapest.

So the rounds of financing are:

  • 1. Founders' shares
  • 2. Seed funding
  • 3. Series A
  • 4. Series B
  • 5. Series C
  • 6. Presale
  • 7. ICO or IPO
  • 8. Retail funding

And every time, the price normally doubles or triples.

But these opportunities are very rare and hard to find. So we do 24h day trading for our clients to grow their funds when they are not busy financing a startup blockchain project.


There are two different products we offer our clients for 24h day trading fund management.

1. Remote management of your account via secure API.
With this method, you always maintain control of your funds. We cannot withdraw or transfer your funds. But you agree not to withdraw or add funds to your accounts so we can accurately track how much profits we are making for you. With this method, you pay 8-12% of your total fund value when we begin. Then you pay 30% of any USD value profits every monday. You can cancel at any time. There is no contract period. Current minimum is 10 BTC in total coin value including altcoins.

See Cost to Get 24h Fund Management and Trading: HERE.

OR 2. Internal Fund Management.
With internal fund management, you send us a minimum of $100,000 in FIAT or in Bitcoin and we add your coins to our total fund. The profits are taken just like the first method above. But your total deposit cost is 4% to 7%. The initial deposit cost is lower due to the fact that internal management is much easier to manage than remote management. You can withdraw your funds and redeposit the same amount any time without any penalty once every 3 months. A 3% service fee will be added if you withdraw more often.

Contact us below with any questions.

PS. All the major exchanges including Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitmex, etc all support remote management. This is called remote management by "API SECRET KEY." You generate a long secret code that enables us to trade for you 24h a day. This is where you find that remote management secret key:

Internal Sneak Peak

This Is Our Internal Trading Desk

Let's get you an internal sneak peek into Bitcoin Fund Manager's control interface. Our business model is built on 3 levels. First, we have the public. Our social media followers are crucial to the success of our investments. If we find a technologically outstanding ICO or non ICO cryptocurrency but nobody knows about it, the coin will die--with our investments inside it. So we work hard drive good people to good coins--the ones we love. Secondly, we have our DIY groups. They are high net worth individuals and professional hedgefund managers who can afford our $10,000 month subscription cost. They drive even more buying power to the coins we love. They trade on our signal. We tell them what we sold and what we bought as soon as we do.

Finally, we have you. At the top of our ecosystem, we have institutions and high net worth individuals who have entrusted over 20 BTC to us. You actually get the highest returns on investment because we can trade for you instantly upon a catalyst or turn of events. The video below shows you what kinds of results you can get occassionally if not frequently. (more)